About the Founder


Dear Health Seeker,

In a country where kids seem to be getting sicker instead of healthier, where getting older is getting scarier due to the epidemic of disease, and where everything is linked to the food industry for the promotion of meat and dairy, I made the effort to study natural health and nutrition.


In 2018, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition, and recently earned a Masters at the University of Natural Health. Honestly, I never expected to learn as much as I did. Mostly because I thought I already knew a lot about the plant based diet lol! That's because the UNH nutrition programs are based soundly on our natural diet of Raw fruits and vegetables.

Food is Not the only remedy for fixing our health is also the premise of my alma mater. How we move, where we work, and how we are programmed to think are other major components for health. Contrary to what most people believe, health does Not come from a packaged supplement. It doesn’t come from a prescription from your doctor either. And it definitely doesn’t come from a grocery cart full of packaged food from the Food Giants! What it truthfully is, is a responsibility. A responsibility to ourselves and to our families. Health cannot be bought. It has to be earned. 

I hustled along the way and learned a thing or two about fitness as well. I completed a 200-hour certification to teach Hatha Yoga, studied Running Injury Prevention, and took a Fitness Instructor course. But since health and nutrition are always an evolving science, I’ve continued into a doctorate program at New Eden School of Natural Health.

Besides having a keen interest for health, I’m also a busy K12 learning coach mom to a brave, intelligent, and outgoing boy. I’m a neat freak by nature and constantly strive to be organized. I despise sedentarism and try to stay physically active throughout the day. I also like reading JAFF novels, writing, traveling, taking one day road trips, and hanging out in nature with my family.

Thanks for the interest!

Lupita Ronquillo