Vegan Dictionary

Additives ~ Food additives are substances intentionally added to manufactured food either directly or indirectly with a specific purpose.
1. to maintain or improve nutritional quality, 2. to maintain quality and freshness, 3. to aid in processing or preparation of food, 4. to make food more appealing. There are about 2,800 substances added to food for these uses but during processing, packaging and storage, up to 10,000 other compounds..
These approved substances are what we need to avoid eating as much as possible through a whole foods plants based diet.

Agar/Agar-agar ~ Also called kanten or Japanese gelatin; made from dried red algae or seaweed commonly used in Asia as a setting agent. It has a neutral flavor and sold in blocks, powder or brittle strands and can be easily found at Asian markets or natural food stores. Traditional gelatin is made with powdered cow hooves. Agar is a vegan substitute for gelatin and has about 5x greater setting properties so less is required. Unlike gelatin, agar will set at room temperature. Great for making vegan yogurt, creams, cheeses, desserts, jello, etc.